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This problem was such a headache. Actually the problem was caused by my ESET Smart Security. What I had to do was just to disable its Protocol Filtering. Yup, that's it, the solution to my 3-month headache.

Thanks to this forum
Some code that may help me in the near future.

function FixMenu() {
if (typeof(IsMenuFixed)!='undefined') return;
if (!window.Menu_HideItems) return;
window.Menu_HideItems=function(items) {
try {
} catch(ex)
if (items && {

A script to be added in the code-behind:

ScriptManager.RegisterStartupScript(this, GetType(), "FixMenu", "FixMenu();", true);

The full explanation of the code can be found here:
I once had a problem with this extender back then. I've searched for the answer long and hard and never found it. The search results showed me that I was better off using the ASP.NET calendar with a PopupExtender, because there was no way that the SelectedDate in the CalendarExtender could be retrieved by the server, it stays on the client side.

The ASP.NET membership adds an application to your ASP.NET website so that you may be able to manage your user accounts well. It does this by adding some tables in your existing sql database. Try incorporating this into your website and you'll see the magic.
The regex for email addresses in the MSDN website sucks a bit, it may work in code-behind but not in the .aspx file in which the server script for RegularExpressionValidator is found. Insert this string into the ValidationExpression property of your RegularExpressionValidator: (works like a charm)


I found this piece of code in this site: (it is found near the bottom of the page)
Thanks so much "djrulz"
By the way, this is in .NET. I didn't like the usual "color dialog" tool of .NET, so I searched for a better one, and I found two: (both tools are available in C# and VB)
Color Picker #1
I developed an application and I integrated this into it, by adding it as a reference. The EULA of this color picker application allows developers to do it. Feel free to post questions and comments here. :D

Color Picker #2
I haven't tried out this one yet, the GUI looks neat though! :D Can someone try this out please? And please give us some feedback here.

I was working on a website and found myself desiring to have the CreateUserWizard inside a Modal Popup Extender. But because the CreateUserWizard had to have a full postback in order for it to be able to pass the parameters back to the server, a workaround is necessary. I had to search for a solution long & hard, at last I found a solution. This works like a charm: (click the link below)
All thanks to the author of this site

By the way, it's in VB, but not to worry for C# coders. There are a lot of websites offering VB to C# conversion, any search engine would do the trick.